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CBS passes on How I Met Your Dad

CBS passes on How I Met Your Dad

Despite earlier reports that CBS had picked up How I Met Your Dad, CBS executives want to make it clear that's not the case. CBS executive Chris Ender tweeted that the press reports are "untrue."

This morning, Joe Adalian at Vulture tweeted that CBS' Nina Tassler said there were "elements of the pilot that didn't work out" for the sitcom. Adalian also says Tassler reached out to Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the creators of How I Met Your Mother and How I Met Your Dad, to re-do the pilot. Bays and Thomas weren't on board, though, saying they "didn't want to do" a remake. Entertainment Weekly confirmed Tassler's statement that the How I Met Your Dad pilot wasn't a fit for the network.

Digital Spy reports that How I Met Your Dad could be shopped to other networks, since the show's rights will return to producer 20th Century Fox TV. For now, fans who want to relive How I Met Your Mother's glory days will have to settle for re-watching earlier episodes on Netflix and watching Robin float away as a balloon-person. --Meghan DeMaria