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The Shot

Relive Michael Jordan's most iconic shot on its 25th anniversary


Twenty-five years ago today, Michael Jordan delivered the second-most brutal blow ever to Cleveland Cavaliers fans. (The most brutal blow would come years later when LeBron James skipped town for Miami.)

Yes, Wednesday is the anniversary of The Shot, the series-winning buzzer-beater Jordan sank to beat the Cavs in the opening round of the 1989 playoffs. Down one with seconds to go, Jordan got the ball and nailed a jumper from the foul line over the Cavs' Craig Ehlo to clinch the upset.

The Bulls would go on to lose in the Eastern Conference Finals, but the image of Jordan leaping in celebration while Ehlo crumpled to the ground in despair behind him remains one of the most iconic images not only in Jordan's career, but in the history of the playoffs, too. --Jon Terbush