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(Probably American) Minecraft vandals damage Denmark's model country

Poor Denmark: The country's Geodata Agency recently built a 1:1 scale replica of the country online via Minecraft, intending to use the model as a teaching tool in schools. Imagine: Isn't town planning and design cool when you're learning via online games?

Alas, American gamers got wind of the project and, um, made some changes:

Apparently anticipating malevolent gamers, the agency had turned off in-game dynamite on the original model. But Minecraft whizzes (who, considering the decor change, are assumed to be American) figured out that they could still blow the model up by detonating dynamite in mining carts. Cue questions about whether some people have too much time on their hands.

The Geodata Agency did come to its own defense, saying initial reports that the entire map had been damaged were greatly exaggerated. "Entire cities are not completely leveled to the ground," Chris Hammeken told The Register. "It's only MINOR areas."

Nevertheless, your move, Danish Minecrafters.