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Living Large

Got $21K? Fly in luxury with a private bedroom, bathroom, and butler

Etihad Airways

For the times when First Class just isn't posh enough, there's Etihad Airways' Residence section, 125 square feet of luxury in the sky.

On Sunday, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier unveiled its plans for the fancy new suite, which The Associated Press reports will have a living room featuring leather seating, minibar, and 32-inch flat-screen television; a bedroom with space for two; and a private bathroom with a shower. A butler will wait on the Residence passengers, providing what the airline calls "discrete personal service and attention to detail found in the world's most exclusive hotels."

"Obviously there's going to be a halo effect in the positioning of Etihad Air as a premium carrier," CEO James Hogan told The Associated Press. "But we wouldn't do it unless we felt we could make money with it.... This is a top-end market. There is demand here."

Eithad's new Airbus A380 will arrive in December with the new Residence suite set up (the Abu Dhabi to London route gets first dibs). Start saving your money now, as living large doesn't come cheap; expect the Residence to set you back a cool $21,000, one way. --Catherine Garcia