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The FBI reportedly told a Muslim American he 'might get hit by a car'


Naji Mansour says that he denied the FBI's request to become an informant, and the organization began threatening him. In the May/June issue of Mother Jones, Mansour explains how the government interfered with his — and his family's — lives.

Mansour also gave Mother Jones what he claims are recordings of FBI agents speaking to him in private. In the recordings, the FBI allegedly tells Mansour that he "might get hit by a car" if he doesn't cooperate with their requests.

According to Nick Baumann, the author of the article, Mansour's experience is just one in a string of Muslim Americans detained for what he says are "often tangential" ties to terrorism. Mansour was detained while visiting Juba, which, according to Baumann, is how the FBI handles such cases: Suspects are detained in other countries so the government can, as Mansour says, "bypass their constitutional rights." ACLU lawyer Hina Shamsi says that Mansour was unlawfully detained and is currently working on the issue.

The FBI refused to comment on the recordings or on Mansour's claims. Read the rest of Mansour's heart-wrenching story over at Mother Jones.