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Half of Illinois wants to get the heck out of Illinois

If you could leave your state for somewhere else, would you? That's the question Gallup posed to Americans nationwide in a survey that, by at least that one measure, found Illinois to be the least-liked state among its own inhabitants.

Fully half of all Prairie State-dwellers said they would move elsewhere if they could. On the flip side, only 23 percent of people living in Montana, Hawaii, and Maine said they would leave their states.

Gallup also produced this handy map categorizing each state's relative desire to move:

A couple of general observations:

* People in the Midwest tend to like it there.

* People in the Northeast tend to be consumed with wanderlust.

As to the accuracy of the survey: 49 percent of Connecticut residents say they want to ditch the Nutmeg State — second-highest in the nation — which, given that I did so years ago, sounds about right.