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World's nicest couple leaves $1,000 tip to help ailing dog


A New Jersey couple left waitress Christina Summitt more than the customary 15 percent tip — a lot more. It all started when they spotted the paw-print tattoo on Summitt's wrist, which led to a conversation with the anonymous couple about Summitt's dog advocacy work. During the casual chat, Summitt mentioned that her pesky 3-year-old Great Dane-Labrador mix had accidentally swallowed a tennis ball recently and needed a $2,700 procedure to retrieve it.

The middle-aged husband and wife were so moved about by Summit's story and her love for dogs that they left her a $1,000 tip to help her ailing pup. Summit was left in "complete shock" when she discovered the generous tip. "I started shaking, I couldn't breathe. How could there be three zeroes on there?" Summitt, 37, told the New York Daily News. She tried giving the check back but the couple insisted she keep it. "It was crazy. I can't believe someone would just do that," she said.

Summitt paid the deed forward by buying a couple's meal and used the rest of money for the dog's surgery. The dog left the hospital Sunday and is said to be doing well. "So many people have reached out and have been supportive," she said. "It's just so awesome that people care." -- Jordan Valinsky