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Woman seeks $275k after suffering an attack from an 'abnormally dangerous' duck

There's a price for surviving a malicious duck attack: $275,000. That's what a woman in Washington is demanding after a duck with "abnormally dangerous propensities" recently assaulted her.

According to court documents obtained by a Seattle television station, victim Cynthia Ruddell said her neighbor's dangerous duck bolted after her, and she tripped while trying to flee. Her right wrist and rotator cuff were injured as a result.

Ruddell's attorney said her neighbor needlessly endangered the mobile-home park's residents by failing to control the duck. The neighbor also failed to warn of the duck's "dangerous propensity" for attacking people, the lawyer claimed. Ruddell said the six-figure lawsuit will cover her medical expenses and the "pain, suffering, inconvenience, and humiliation" that she experienced as a result.

No comment from the duck.