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Fox's new dating show tricks women into thinking they had a chance with Prince Harry


Fox, the channel that brought you the original bait-and-switch reality dating show Joe Millionaire, is putting a "royal" spin on that show's premise with the upcoming debut of I Wanna Marry "Harry."

So what's the premise this time? Producers were apparently able to find a dozen naive women willing to travel across the pond to live on an English estate in hopes of getting a chance to date the real Prince Harry.

One problem: The alleged Prince Harry is actually just a Harry look-alike who doesn't even look that much like the real royal. Another potential flaw of this hoax: If these women are obsessed enough with Harry to travel to England for a chance to date him, won't they quickly figure out that this red-haired Brit is a fake?

Details on how all this will actually shake out are scant, but the show — which was filmed in secret in order to properly humiliate all of its contestants and keep them in the dark about the hoax — will begin airing on May 27.