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Better late than never

Watch a deleted scene from True Detective


Of the several mysteries that True Detective left on the table, there's one that the show barely bothered to acknowledge: Why did things end between Rust and his girlfriend Laurie?

As it turns out, that's a question True Detective originally intended to answer. Via Slate, Extra has a deleted scene that depicts the couple arguing over whether or not to have children. When Rust explains that he believes it's morally wrong to have children, she fires back at him: "You're scared. Or is it you don't... with me? You don't love me that way?"

Rust refuses to back down — and while the clip doesn't end with their breakup, it's clear that the relationship is in serious jeopardy. Check it out below, and fantasize about the revelations that the rest of the deleted scenes could include — like Rust's meticulous mustache-grooming technique. --Scott Meslow

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