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Watch the first clip from Mad Men season 7

Watch the first clip from Mad Men season 7

It's been nearly a year since Mad Men has graced the airwaves, so fans are hungry enough to devour almost anything related to the AMC drama's upcoming seventh season — even a 15-second clip that's almost perversely obscure about what the show has in store.

The clip features Don Draper disembarking from a TWA plane, set to the tune of Wax Tailor's trip-hop version of "Que Sera, Sera." Of course, this is Mad Men, so we can already start speculating wildly about what it all means; at the very least, the song choice seems to imply something about Don's mental state in the wake of season six's eventful finale. [UPDATE: AMC has since updated the video clip, removing the song and inserting the sound of an airplane. Maybe "Que Sera, Sera" was a little too relevatory for the famously cryptic show — or maybe they just didn't have the rights.]

"Mad Men takes off Sunday, April 13," promises the teaser. Until then, you'll just have to use your imagination. --Scott Meslow