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This is sad

Koalas affected by Australian wildfire desperately need mittens

Since Friday, firefighters have been working to control wildfires consuming 30,888 acres of land across south Australia. Some rainfall in the area on Wednesday has helped control the flames, but hundreds of animals are believed dead, injured or left without food and water, BBC reports.

While animal rescue groups are working to get the animals out and treated, many still need help. Koalas especially have suffered from the flames, as they are slow-moving and live high up in eucalyptus trees. Plus, koalas don't have immune systems, which means they are extremely prone to serious, often deadly infections.

Before they can return to the wild, the koalas need paw protection, so rescue groups are asking for donations of mittens, cut from 100 percent cotton sheets or tea towels. The International Fund for Animal Welfare has a pattern for koala mittens on their website, so go dig up that old sewing kit. --Stephanie Talmadge