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Crowdfunding campaign for Indiana pizzeria refusing to cater gay weddings raises over $200,000

Refusing to cater same-sex weddings under Indiana's Religious Restoration Act may have hurt Memories Pizza's reputation, but it shutting down for a few days during the media firestorm surprisingly hasn't hurt the restaurant's ability to make some money.

As of this writing, a GoFundMe campaign to support the pizzeria has raised over $200,000 in less than 24 hours. The campaign, which was set up by staffers affiliated with Glenn Beck's Blaze TV network, was created as a way to support the O'Connor family, who, according to the fundraising page, "may never even reopen the doors to their restaurant as the death threats and vicious online reviews continue to pour in from the arbiters of 'tolerance.'"

The purpose of the campaign is to "relieve the financial loss endured by the proprietors' stand for faith."

A "fix" to the religious freedom law that would explicitly prevent businesses from discriminating against LGBT customers was announced this morning.