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'swing away fella'

Read some highlights from Seymour Hersh's hilariously cantankerous interview with Slate

Where to begin with this amazing Slate interview of Seymour Hersh? The veteran journalist has come under the klieg lights for his 10,000-word investigative report on the killing of Osama bin Laden, which claims that the Obama White House lied about the circumstances surrounding his death. And in the face of claims that he's a conspiracy theorist, he is not backing down, giving interviewer Isaac Chotiner a freewheeling tour of the world of Seymour Hersh.

Some highlights:

On NBC journalist Andrea Mitchell: "[T]hat woman, what's her name, the NBC woman who claims to have some knowledge of foreign policy, married to Alan Greenspan."

On Chotiner's offhand remark that Hersh has been doing journalism "longer than I have": "Oh poor you, you don't know anything. It is amazing you can speak the God's English."

On journalism: "What difference does it make what the f--k I think about journalism?"

On The New Yorker, where Hersh is a contributor: "There was a point with The New Yorker where I thought they should rename the f--king magazine the Seymour Hersh Weekly."

On Seymour Hersh: "Yes, I am a huge pain in the ass."

Truly, this is a case where the entire piece must be read to be appreciated. Read it at Slate.