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After Freddie Gray tragedy, all Baltimore police vans will be equipped with cameras

Following last week's autopsy report — which said that Freddie Gray suffered a "high-energy injury" in the back of a police van that likely caused his death — Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced Wednesday that all of the city's police vans will soon be outfitted with cameras.

"We're working through a process that will place cameras with recording capabilities in the backs of all our police vans, to ensure that we have a more complete record of what occurs there," Rawlings-Blake said.

In April, Gray was arrested for the possession of a knife and placed in a police van for transport. During the ride, the young black man suffered a severe spinal injury which proved to be fatal. The van transporting Gray had a non-recording camera which could be used to monitor prisoners, but it wasn't functional at the time of his arrest.