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What are the odds of a 'Grexit'?

On Sunday, Greek voters decisively rejected a European bailout referendum. And now, a "Grexit," or Greek exit from the eurozone, seems more likely than ever for the debt-saddled nation.

Wolfgang Piccoli, the managing director at Teneo Intelligence, told CNBC that the likelihood of a Grexit is now 75 percent, up from 15 percent. Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse agree with that 75 percent figure. Others are guessing the chances could be even higher: Oxford Economics Ltd. believes the possibility is closer to 85 percent. "Exit now is the most likely scenario," Barclays analysts warned in a report.

Citigroup, however, reminded readers of its report that a Grexit could still take many months. And as Goldman Sachs says, there are still ways for Greece to strike a deal with its creditors and remain in the eurozone.