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Turning down the Bern

Bernie Sanders' advisers want him to tone down the yelling at the debate

Bernie Sanders' shouting might work well for him at packed rallies on the campaign trail, but come Tuesday night his advisers are hoping he remembers to use his indoor voice. While Sanders hasn't had a formal rehearsal for the first Democratic presidential debate, his staffers were reportedly keen to remind him of the difference between a debate and a stump speech when they met in Vermont two weeks ago.

"[His] experience of doing Sunday shows, being asked substantive questions in a live television environment — which is not a shouting environment, which is a talking environment — he's done a lot of that ... and I think the debate is a lot like that," Sanders' senior adviser, Tad Devine, told The Guardian. "Just because you are standing at a podium doesn't mean you should give a speech." Devine also noted that Sanders is not "going to go out there and start attacking."

But even though Sanders will likely tone it down for the debates, that doesn't mean he's going to roll over if Hillary Clinton attacks. Devine says that Sanders will definitely point out differences between his policies and Clinton's, and he will ardently defend his record. "I don't think Bernie is going to be a guy who is going to be milquetoast," Devine said. "If someone wants to challenge his record or challenge his issues, he is going to be vigorous on both."

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