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Donald Trump lashes out at media 'scum': '50 percent are the worst people I've ever met'

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, battered recently by polls showing Ben Carson surging to the lead nationally and in Iowa, had a bone to pick with the media on Monday during a rally in Atkinson, New Hampshire. "So I'm sitting upstairs waiting and they have a certain reporter from NBC. They have one poll. I'm winning every single state, I'm winning nationally by a lot. […] And for days they're covering one poll in Iowa. They just keep hitting me with it. […] You're going to find out about the media someday, folks, they are the worst," Trump said.

Not one to let things go, Trump revisited his issues with the press about 25 minutes later, calling them "scum."

"They are so illegitimate. They are just terrible people," Trump declared, claiming the press held an approval rating lower than Congress. "You've got 50 percent who are the worst people I've ever met. Worse than anybody."

There is, of course, one group Trump dislikes even more than the press, he divulged — politicians. Right, now how does he feel about lawyers?