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UK Prime Minister David Cameron to France: 'Your fight is our fight'

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Saturday the UK "must be prepared for a number of British casualties," in Friday night's six terrorist attacks that have killed at least 128 across Paris, BuzzFeed News reports.

Britain's own terror threat level stands at severe, BBC News reports, a status that means authorities are on high alert for an attack in the country. Cameron said British police and security services would look at upping security at different sites.

Cameron also said he's spoken to French President François Hollande about helping the nation however he can, reiterating a Friday night statement.

"Your values are our values, your pain is our pain, your fight is our fight," Cameron said, addressing France in his Saturday comments.

The Islamic State purportedly claimed responsibility Saturday morning for the attacks, and Hollande has attributed them to the terrorist group as well.