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Joe Biden opens up about decision not to run: 'I regret it every day'

Joe Biden knows he made the right decision by not running for president, but he admits that still doesn't keep him from feeling disappointed he isn't. "I regret it every day," the vice president told an NBC affiliate Wednesday in one of the first times he's discussed his Oct. 21 announcement. After months of speculation, Biden decided not to run because, as his family grieved over the death of his son Beau, he said that his window for "mounting a realistic campaign for president" closed.

Still, Biden weighed in on the race once again Wednesday and renewed his pledge to remain "deeply involved." The veep panned the GOP contest as not "very illuminating." "You know the kinds of things that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were saying were so inconsistent," he said. As for the Democratic primary, Biden applauded Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for "a real robust debate" — though he was quick to add, "as there would've been if I was in the race."