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Chris Christie tells New Hampshire residents he'll be like 'gum on the bottom of your shoe'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is hoping he — like a chewed up, spit out wad of Wrigley's — can stick to New Hampshire voters.

"I'll be like gum on the bottom of your shoe," the Republican presidential candidate promised supporters Tuesday. While the thought of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe can stir up feelings of irritation and disgust, Christie, coming off of a weak showing in Iowa, is trying to convey to residents of the Granite State that he is going to stick around for a while, despite countless attempts to scrape him off.

Christie had said he wanted to come in ahead of the other current and former governor candidates (John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Mike Huckabee) in Iowa, but he came in last. "No one ever thought, nor did I ever say that I was going to do very well in Iowa," he said. "I'm a realist and that's why I never looked you in the eye and said, 'Oh, watch out, big surprise in Iowa.'" He said in New Hampshire, he's already a step ahead of his rivals, having received endorsements from the New Hampshire Union-Leader and the Boston Herald. "That's going to make a huge difference, too, when people decide who's got the credibility to win this race," he added.