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Another one bites the dust?

Kasich indicates that he'll drop out of the race if New Hampshire doesn't go well

Tuesday's New Hampshire primary might be John Kasich's last hurrah on the campaign trail. The Ohio governor, who came in 8th in Iowa with just 1.86 percent support, said Wednesday that if he "gets smoked" in New Hampshire, that very well may be the end of his efforts to win the Republican presidential nomination.

"If we don't do well, we're not going to be dragging around like some band of minstrels who beg people to come to our show," Kasich said at a Bloomberg Politics breakfast in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Kasich thinks his chances of doing well in New Hampshire are much stronger than they were in Iowa, though, adding that as his poll numbers in the Granite State have steadily risen, his fundraising has improved, too. Recent polls show Kasich in either second or third place in New Hampshire, and he's racked up numerous East Coast newspaper endorsements.

The New Hampshire primary is set for Tuesday, Feb. 9.