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Where Jeb's money went: Clubbing, pizza, valets, and more

Jeb Bush sank $130 million into his failed presidential campaign, which came to an end Saturday night after a dismal fourth-place finish in the South Carolina primary prompted the former Florida governor to throw in the towel.

The New York Times broke down Bush's epic spending — he spent more than all the other GOP candidates combined — and declared it "one of the least successful campaign spending binges in history." But where, exactly, did all that money go?

Bush's biggest chunk of change — $84 million — went towards "positive advertising" in an attempt to "reintroduce himself to the Republican electorate," The Times reports. He also spent a whopping $10 million on consultants and $8.3 million on campaign staff.

While those are the only categories that cross into the millions, his other spending suggests that the little things really do add up. Bush reportedly spent $94,100 on "clubbing" — going to events and dinners at prestigious clubs such as the Yale Club, the Union League Club of Chicago, and Nantucket’s Westmore Club — $15,800 on valet parking at his events, and $4,837 on pizza.

Check out the full rundown over at The New York Times.