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Sheldon Adelson caucused in Nevada — but who got his vote is a mystery

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson reportedly caucused for someone in Las Vegas Tuesday night, but he and his wife are keeping mum as to for whom. Republicans have been eyeing Adelson, who is reportedly worth upwards of $20 billion, for financial support for a while now, although Adelson has said he's waiting to see how things play out before throwing his dollars behind a candidate.

While it remains a mystery as to whom Adelson supported, Gawker writes that "by process of elimination and frank obviousness" it wasn't Ben Carson — a handful of reporters standing by prompted Adelson to cover the top half of his ballot with his hand, checking a box in the lower third where the names of Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, and Donald Trump were listed.

Adelson's wife was similarly secretive:

Trying to keep prying eyes away from her ballot, Mr. Adelson's wife, Miriam, asked [caucus volunteer Katherine] Cento, "how many times can I fold it?"

Ms. Cento informed the billionaire's wife that she could fold her ballot twice to keep it secret.

"This is like being in sixth grade again, voting for class president," Ms. Cento said.

Mrs. Adelson also declined to reveal her presidential preference.

"God knows who I like," she said. [The Wall Street Journal]

The Adelsons gave $15 million to a Newt Gingrich-friendly Super PAC four years ago. Gawker reports that the billionaires are believed to favor Marco Rubio.