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Trump now lags behind Mitt Romney with blue-collar white workers

Donald Trump is so unpopular with women that it's even starting to hurt his standing with the one group he's depending on to get him to the White House: white working class voters. A new poll out Friday by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg reveals that Trump's unpopularity with women has dampened his support from white working class voters to the point that he is now performing worse than Mitt Romney did with white, blue-collar workers back in 2012.

Though the current Republican presidential frontrunner does have a better margin on Hillary Clinton with white, non-college educated men than Romney did against Barack Obama in 2012, Trump drags four points behind Romney's margin when it comes to white, non-college educated women. Although Trump still leads Clinton in that category 55 percent to 40 percent, The Washington Post warns that if he continues to alienate white, non-college educated women, he might be in trouble.