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Battle of Brooklyn 2016

Hillary Clinton said she supports a $15 minimum wage. This was news to Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had a dust-up at Thursday's debate in Brooklyn about who supports a $15 minimum wage more. Sanders brought up the $15 minimum wage first, and moderator Wolf Blitzer asked Clinton if she would sign a $15 national minimum wage bill. She said yes.

Sanders said it would probably be news to many people in the audience that Clinton supports the fight for $15. As Politico reports, Clinton started the campaign supporting a $12 minimum wage.

Clinton said that she backs the system New York is considering, that raises the minimum wage to $15 in New York City quickly and then more slowly in lower-cost upstate New York, and threw her support behind a bill in the Senate that raises the federal minimum wage to $12 — "going from $7.25 to 12 is a huge deal" — and urge cities and local government to raise it to $15. "But of course if we have a Democratic Congress, we'll get to $15," she added. Sanders said the $12 minimum wage bill is good, but his $15 bill is better.