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Corey Lewandowski claims he doesn't know why he was fired from Donald Trump's campaign

Not even Corey Lewandowski knows why he was fired from his post as Donald Trump's campaign manager — or so he claimed in a Monday afternoon interview with CNN's Dana Bash. "Things change as a campaign evolves," Lewandowski said, just hours after he was fired at the urging of Trump's adult children. He noted that he is "proud" of what the campaign accomplished, and that he has "no regrets" about how things played out on the campaign trail.

His fond words didn't stop there either. Lewandowski also showered praise on Trump's speaking abilities, calling him the "best speaker our country has seen as a presidential candidate," described his positive relationship with the Trump family, and predicted that the campaign will "continue to grow." As for his replacement as campaign manager, Paul Manafort, Lewandowski said there is "no animosity between Paul and I."

Lewandowski said that he had a "nice conversation" with Trump after he was fired, and explained that the only reason he was escorted out of the building was because of "protocols in place."