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Tony Blair is really worried Britain will split apart

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is convinced the Brexit doesn't bode well for Britain's future as a united country. "I think this result has huge implications for us, economically and politically," Blair said Friday on Fox & Friends, noting that Britain has "grown trading relations with Europe over 40 years." The implications of Britain's impending exit from the European Union, Blair said, are exactly why it was the "policy of successive governments" — including Margaret Thatcher's, John Major's, his own, and now David Cameron's — to remain in the EU.

However, now that the decision has been made, Blair said that Brits "have got to accept the result," and, moreover, remember that exiting the EU isn't going to solve the issue of immigration. "I'm most of all sorry for the country," Blair said, urging Britain to "reflect on the result."

Watch a segment of Blair's interview, below. Becca Stanek