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Republican National Convention

Donald Trump crashes own convention with prime-time interview with Bill O'Reilly

As the mother of one of the men who died in the Benghazi attack four years ago spoke at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump called into The O'Reilly Factor and discussed Black Lives Matter, racism, and how "badly" he beat John Kasich.

Trump told Bill O'Reilly he has seen Black Lives Matter protesters "marching down the street essentially calling death to the police. I think you're going to have to look into that, especially in light of those maniacs shooting our police." When asked if Black Lives Matter is a "fuse lighter in the assassinations of these police officers," Trump responded that "in certain instances they have ignited people" and while "everyone is free to say what you want to say up to a point, when you're calling for death to police and kill the police, which is what they said, that's a real big problem." Trump said he's not concerned with being labeled prejudiced for his comments. "I am probably the least racist person there is," he said. "I am doing very well with the African-American community. I'm going to bring jobs back to the community."

Trump also said he "recommended" the convention be held in Ohio (it was chosen in July, 2014, a year before he entered the race) and he understands why Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), a rival during the primaries, isn't coming to the convention. "I beat him soundly," Trump said. "From the standpoint of honor, I think he should have shown up."