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Republican National Convention

The RNC accidentally trolled Donald Trump the moment he won the nomination

Donald Trump Jr. spoke on behalf of the New York delegation to the Republican National Convention on Tuesday afternoon, declaring the delegates that made his father, Donald J. Trump, the official Republican presidential nominee. "We have such incredible support, you won't believe it," Trump Jr. said, before announcing that New York was boosting Trump's number of delegates to 1,267, more than the 1,237 need to seal the nomination. "We are finally going to put New York in play this time around." Then the GE Smith Band played "New York, New York," and the giant display behind the stage lit up with "Over the Top" and gold fireworks.

Short of having Donald Trump himself immediately accept the nomination to the cheerful refrains of "We're in the Money" with "Donald Trump is the Biggest Winner Ever" on the Jumbotron, it's hard to imagine a more Trump-y moment of victory than gold fireworks and "Over the Top." Perhaps somebody in the Republican National Convention's media team is making a barely subtle commentary on Trump's ego and flamboyant persona, but it's also probable that the man who walked on stage Monday night to strobe lights, fog, and Queen's "We Are the Champion" wouldn't see anything amiss in his sealing the nomination to such over-the-top aplomb.