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Democratic National Convention

Of the 61 speeches at the Democratic convention, not 1 mentioned ISIS

Some critics have slammed the Republican National Convention for promoting an apocalyptic message of doom-and-gloom, but the RNC might have just gotten the last laugh. Following the close of the first day of the Democratic National Convention on Monday, the GOP blasted the Democrats for failing to mention the "global terrorist threat posed by ISIS" even once.

The Pulitzer-winning fact-check organization Politifact confirmed the truth of the statement; of the 61 speeches at the DNC on Monday, not a single one mentioned the Islamic State:

Was the Democratic discussion of ISIS and Islamic terrorism that thin? Basically, yes.

It's worth noting that the first night was not intended to have a specific focus on foreign policy, leaving the Democrats with three days left to discuss the issue. And Hillary Clinton — away from the podium in Philadelphia — issued a fairly muscular call for action against ISIS at the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. [Politifact]

Still, with another ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in France on Tuesday, Republicans might have reason to feel a little smug about the glaring omission.