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GOP billionaire promises $2 million for Hillary Clinton

Billionaire health-care magnate Mike Fernandez, a major Republican donor from Florida, announced Tuesday that he will donate "over" $2 million to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

"I specifically call on all Latinos to reject a man who encourages violence against you," Fernandez, a Cuban-American, wrote of Republican nominee Donald Trump in the email Tuesday that announced his donation. The message further explained that Fernandez intended the money to "focus on Latino outreach and registration in Florida," the Miami Herald reports.

Fernandez had previously donated $3 million to the Jeb Bush-supporting super PAC Right to Rise. But after Bush dropped out of the presidential race in February and Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination in May, Fernandez formally endorsed Clinton last month. "I harbor no illusion that Hillary Clinton is perfect," he wrote in the August op-ed announcing his endorsement. "However, Clinton is, without doubt, a superior choice to Donald Trump."