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Trump has tweeted more about Rosie O'Donnell than about his own wife

Donald Trump has an arch-nemesis. It's not Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz or even Hillary Clinton, nor is it Megyn Kelly or the media or the Academy Awards — although Trump isn't particularly fond of any of them, either. But long before he ever stepped on a debate stage, Trump was locking horns with comedian and television host Rosie O'Donnell, and he has flung insults at her for nearly a decade now.

Thanks to a new website that allows you to search all of Trump's tweets, it's easy to see how far his obsession with O'Donnell goes. Since he first insulted her in December 2011, Trump has either retweeted or composed 56 different messages about Rosie O'Donnell:

By comparison, Trump has only tweeted about his own wife, Melania, 53 times since 2010:

Megyn Kelly also seems to be the object of Trump's focus, with over twice as many tweets about her than Melania Trump — 116 tweets and retweets about her, in fact, since 2011. Trump's daughter, Ivanka, also inspires many of his tweets, appearing in 111 (his younger daughter, Tiffany Trump, not so much — only 10). And of course, Hillary Clinton commands 522 tweets, dating back to his first in 2012:

Search Trump's tweets and marvel at what he hasn't yet deleted at the Trump Twitter Archive, here.