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The second 2016 presidential debate

Kellyanne Conway says she's sticking with Trump, 'unless...'

With just one word, Donald Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, got rumors going that she might be walking away from her embattled candidate.

During an interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews following the debate, Conway was asked if she would stay with Trump "until the last dog dies." A coy Conway responded, "You need to fact check before you start running these screaming headlines, 'She resigned.' I was making pancakes for my kids, I've been in debate prep. Obviously I've been in debate prep, did you see that kick ass performance tonight? Woo!" Matthews pressed her, asking, "So, you're with the campaign until the bitter end?"

"I'm with the campaign til the bitter end, unless…" she responded, trailing off. She continued, "I'm sitting here as his campaign manager, I'm sitting right here with you in the debate hall, where he just performed beautifully." Matthews asked Conway if she was afraid of more bombshells like the leak Friday of a vulgar conversation between Trump and Billy Bush, but Conway said no, and she's "made a commitment and I believe he will be a much better president" than Hillary Clinton. After the interview, several MSNBC personalities, including Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd, jumped on her comment, wondering if it was Conway dropping a hint that she might not stick around with Trump much longer. Since she was still onstage with Matthews, Conway agreed to answer some follow-up questions, and said the only way she would leave the campaign is if "someone in my household needs me or something changes in my own life." Catherine Garcia