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Obama just unloaded on Trump. Here are 7 of his best lines.

President Obama was on fire Friday. At a Hillary Clinton campaign event in Ohio, the president pulled out zinger after zinger about Donald Trump. Here are seven of his best lines. Becca Stanek

On Trump's 'yuge' business losses

  • "Usually the house wins, unless he owns the house. Then it loses a billion dollars."

On those all-talk, no-action politicians Trump can't stand

  • "It's always interesting to me to see people who talk tough, but then don't act tough."

On a billionaire businessman looking out for the working class

  • "He says he's going to be the champion of working class people? C'mon, man!"

On Trump's tendency to blame anything or anyone but himself

  • "He's suggesting if the election doesn't go his way, it's not because of the stuff he said, it's because it's rigged?"

On the self-declared billionaire's overt self-promotion

  • "This is the guy who spent all of his time, hanging around, trying to convince everyone he's a global elite."

On the nerve of Hillary Clinton being asleep at 3 a.m. during the Benghazi attacks

  • "He may be up at 3 a.m., but it's because he's tweeting insults."

On Trump's favorite rhetorical question

  • "Donald Trump's closing argument is 'What do you have to lose?' The answer is everything."