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Marco Rubio to Republicans: Stop talking about Clinton's leaked emails

Marco Rubio.

On Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) broke with Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee over the hacked Hillary Clinton campaign emails released by WikiLeaks. While Trump and the RNC have been using the contents of the private communications to their advantage, Rubio said he wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole — and advised others to follow his lead. "As our intelligence agencies have said, these leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process and I will not indulge it," Rubio told ABC News. "Further, I want to warn my fellow Republicans who may want to capitalize politically on these leaks: Today it is the Democrats. Tomorrow it could be us."

Rubio has vowed he "will not discuss any issue that has become public solely on the basis of WikiLeaks." So far, the hacked emails from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta have revealed conversations about Clinton's handling of media interviews, a discussion over whether to allow "lobbyists and foreign companies and governments to bundle for the campaign," and transcripts of Clinton's paid Wall Street speeches, CNN reported. Though Clinton's campaign has refused say whether the emails are authentic, it has accused Russia of being behind the attack.