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President Obama just eviscerated Marco Rubio with a single line

While ostensibly campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Miami, Florida, on Thursday, President Obama sure made a convincing case against Marco Rubio. The Florida senator is up for re-election to his Senate seat, facing a challenge from Democratic congressman Patrick Murphy — but it seems like Obama hasn't quite forgiven Rubio for the last campaign he ran, when he made attacking Obama a central theme of his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

Obama sandwiched his case against Donald Trump with dings at Rubio, telling the assembled crowd that Rubio once called Trump — a candidate he is planning to vote for — a "con artist" and an "erratic individual" who shouldn't be trusted with the nuclear codes. "That begs the question: Since we're in Florida, why does Marco Rubio still plan to vote for Donald Trump? Why is he supporting Donald Trump?" Obama asked. He then moved on to attacking Trump before circling back to Rubio, and in explaining Rubio's apparent line-toeing on the Republican nominee, Obama went for the jugular:

Watch Obama's whole takedown of Rubio, courtesy of CNN and Mediaite — the knife-twist happens around the 8:30 mark in the video below. Kimberly Alters