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Donald Trump just admitted he's behind in the polls

Donald Trump wants you to know he's winning this election — even if he knows the polls say otherwise.

Speaking at a rally Monday in Florida, Trump told the crowd: "Just in case you haven't heard, we're winning." His declaration came on the heels of the inaugural ABC News 2016 election tracking poll, which was released Sunday and shows Trump trailing Clinton in the national four-way race by 12 points among likely voters. The previous ABC poll, conducted with The Washington Post and released Oct. 13, after leaked audio showed Trump bragging about assaulting women but before several women came forward to accuse the Republican nominee of assault, showed Trump behind by just 4 points.

But despite all that, Team Trump has remained outwardly confident, dismissing poll results and saying there's still a path to victory — that is, until Trump's Monday interview with North Carolina radio station WBT 1110 AM:

Coming from a guy who steadfastly spins narratives in his favor, any acknowledgement that he's behind is big. Listen to Trump's full interview with WBT here.