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New Bat Cams aim to educate the public on the life of these mysterious creatures

Bats are some of the planet's most misunderstood mammals, and new live cams aim to shed light on these important creatures.

Just in time for Halloween, Explore.org — the same people who brought us this summer's smash Bear Cam — are back with bats. They've teamed up with Michigan's Organization for Bat Conservation, which rehabilitates bats and educates the public on the importance of the animals. The Bat Cams will focus on the 40 bats living in the conservation's sanctuary, covering five different species, including vampire bats, fruit bats, and two Malayan Flying Foxes named Fred and Tom, who both have a six-foot wingspan. Explore.org's founder, Charles Annenberg Weingarten, said in a statement the cameras will "provide an intimate look at their lives," while using infrared technology to protect their nocturnal habitat.

Rob Mies, founder of The Organization for Bat Conservation, said in a statement that the Bat Cam comes at the perfect time because it will help the public connect with "amazing animals that are often vilified, and really they deserve our respect and appreciation. In recent years, millions of bats have been dying due to White-nose Syndrome, so now is a crucial time to get people involved." Get to know these fascinating animals in the streaming video below, or head over to Explore.org, which will also feature live chats with scientists and experts. Catherine Garcia