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Jill Stein will pay about $1 million for the Wisconsin presidential recount to move forward

The state election board of Wisconsin agreed Friday to a recount of presidential votes at the request of the Green Party's candidate, Jill Stein. "We demand voting systems that are accurate, secure, and accountable to the people," Stein said of her recount project. "This is part of a larger commitment to election reform that our campaign and the Green Party has long stood for, which includes open debates, an end to voter ID laws and voter suppression, and ranked choice voting."

The recount will be completed by Dec. 13 and will be paid for by Stein's campaign. Though the state has yet to declare an exact fee, it is expected to be about $1 million, and the Stein campaign has raised nearly $5 million to fund recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

If all three states flipped to Democrat Hillary Clinton — an unlikely prospect — she could defeat President-elect Donald Trump. As post-election vote counts continued, Clinton has accumulated about 2 million more votes than Trump, but she still lost the Electoral College.