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Joe Scarborough says Michael Flynn should apologize for the 'trail of crap' he left behind with fake news tweets

On Monday, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough tore into Michael Flynn, President-elect Donald Trump's nominee for national security adviser, for propagating fake news stories on his Twitter account. The conversation was prompted by an incident Sunday afternoon at a Washington, D.C., pizza parlor, in which a man fired a shot after arriving to "self-investigate" Pizza Gate, a fake news story that alleged the pizza shop was the center of a child sex slave ring organized by Hillary Clinton. Though Flynn never tweeted about the pizza conspiracy, he did mention Clinton's "sex crimes [with] children" in a tweet; Flynn's son, however, did specifically refer to the fake story in tweets.

"He needs to apologize to Americans," Scarborough said, arguing that Flynn "has left a trail of crap behind him with retweets." "He is in one of the most important positions in the White House. On Jan. 20, he needs to apologize for what he has done, unrelated to this fake news story, but with the other fake news stories, the retweets about Jews, the retweets about Muslims."

Watch Scarborough make his case for why Flynn needs to apologize below. Becca Stanek