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Israeli Justice Ministry: Update on Benjamin Netanyahu probe will come 'in due time'

After Israeli media reported that the attorney general will soon announce a criminal investigation into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the country's Justice Ministry and police said an update will be issued "in due time."

The Justice Ministry would not confirm the reports or go into more detail. Israel's Channel 10 said on Wednesday that within days, Netanyahu will be called in for questioning by police in connection with two separate cases of bribe-taking and aggravated fraud, including one described as being "grave and supported by evidence." Police on Thursday said the reports contain "speculations and disinformation." In July, the attorney general would not reveal what he was investigating, but said he was looking into matters concerning Netanyahu, The Associated Press reports.

Erel Margalit of the Zionist Union party, the leading opposition lawmaker, has been calling for formal investigations into allegations that major donors have been illegally transferring money for Netanyahu's personal use, as well as claims that Netanyahu pushed through the purchase of $1.5 billion worth of submarines by Israel from a German firm represented by his personal lawyer.