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It wasn't all bad

This deaf rescue dog is helping a nonverbal boy open up

They've only been together since Christmas, but a 6-year-old nonverbal boy and a deaf rescue dog in Florida already have a strong bond.

Connor Guillet's mom, Brandi, told ABC News she thought it was important for her son, who communicates through sign language, to have a companion, and that led her to Coastal Boxer Rescue. There, they met 8-year-old Ellie. "She let Connor grab her face, hug her, kiss her, it was amazing," Brandi Guillet said. "When [the rescue employee] said that she responds to sign language, I had to try it. We brought her home a week before Christmas and that was it."

The pair enjoys hitting the playground, engaging in spirited rounds of tug of war, and jumping on trampolines together, and Ellie makes Connor laugh like no one else can (the Guillets are currently fostering Ellie, but her adoption will soon be finalized). Connor has 22q deletion syndrome, a genetic disorder, and has developmental, psychological, emotional, and physical delays, and his mom is overjoyed that his new friend understands him. "He loves her," Brandi Guillet said. "It's his buddy. He doesn't have a lot of human friends, but he has her." Catherine Garcia