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Lindsey Graham apologizes to Ted Cruz for that whole murder thing

Sens. Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Thursday to discuss their joint bill to defund the United Nations over its resolution condemning Israeli settlement-building. But first, Graham cleared the air: "I want to apologize to Ted for saying he should be killed on the Senate floor."

Their chummy demeanor should be surprising to anyone who followed last year's race for the Republican nomination. Graham spent the better part of 2016 throwing barbs at his political adversary: In addition to joking about Cruz's murder during a congressional dinner last February, Graham has called Cruz a "political opportunist," labeled his Syria policy ideas the "dumbest" ever, and said the Texas senator has been "just as wrong as Obama, if not worse." When asked whom he would support for president — Donald Trump or Cruz — Graham said the decision was akin to "being shot or poisoned." And when Graham finally did endorse Cruz, he said it was only as a way to stop Trump.

But as of Thursday, it seems that's all water under the bridge. "The love is everywhere," Graham said after throwing two enthusiastic thumbs up. If HBO ever resurrects True Detective, I think we have our next buddy pairing. Watch the bromance in full bloom below. Lauren Hansen