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CNN's Chris Cuomo demanded evidence from the man President Trump says can prove voter fraud. He said he was still 'checking' the facts.

By the time CNN's Chris Cuomo was done interrogating Gregg Phillips, founder of advocacy group VoteStand, on Friday morning, Phillips' claim that he'd "verified more than three million votes" were cast by "non-citizens" in the presidential election wasn't looking so airtight.

Cuomo started the interview by asking Phillips for his evidence, which Phillips then admitted he couldn't yet provide because his operation was still "going back in and checking" to make sure they know who each of the voters are. But Phillips said he was already certain the numbers were "right."

"But why would I believe your conclusion if you won't show me your means and methods of analysis?" Cuomo asked. Phillips argued that "you can reach a conclusion and then still verify it." "Then how do you know if you're right?" Cuomo asked. "That's exactly what we're doing," Phillips said.

Cuomo argued Phillips should've had all this in line before making a claim that is "about the legitimacy of a democracy." Even more problematic, Cuomo said, is that President Trump has already repeated Phillips' claims. After watching the interview, Trump tweeted Friday that he's "looking forward to seeing final results of VoteStand" — which Phillips suggested might take at least a few more months to produce.

Watch Phillips try to make his case below. Becca Stanek