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Pro-Trump rallies organized nationwide: 'He's doing a good job, I think'

"Maybe the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN should have their own rally," President Trump tweeted last weekend in response to demonstrations against his administration. "It would be the biggest of them all!" On Saturday, his supporters met that challenge, organizing "Spirit of America" rallies drawing hundreds in 28 states and Washington, D.C.

Counter-protesters showed up in many locations, with taunts and fist fights breaking out between the two groups at least in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Berkeley, California. Most events, however, were peaceful, and organizers in Austin asked attendees to bring "donations for the homeless and veterans." Online, critics pointed out that pro-Trump crowds were typically smaller than January's Women's March events in the same locations.

"We came out today because Trump deserves to see he still has people for him," said an Ohioan Trump supporter named Margaret Howe, who marched because she is worried political division will devolve into civil war. "It's just all sad." "He's doing a good job, I think," said marcher Trent Herbert in Michigan, though he added, "I think a lot of times he should stay off Twitter."