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John McCain suspects 'there's a lot more shoes to drop' about Trump-Russia ties

Jake Tapper and John McCain on CNN

"There's a lot of things about our relations with Russia that trouble me a lot," Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday. "There's a lot of aspects of this whole relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin that requires further scrutiny, and so far I don't think the American people have gotten all the answers. In fact, I think there's a lot more shoes to drop from this centipede."

McCain declined to make outright allegations against specific individuals, but he called for further investigation of ties between the Trump camp and the Kremlin. "This whole issue of the relationship with the Russians and who communicated with them and under what circumstances clearly cries out for an investigation," he argued, "but I would also point out we should not assume guilt until we have a thorough investigation. I'm not judging anyone guilty."

Watch Tapper's full interview with McCain, which also addresses President Trump's allegation that President Obama illegally wiretapped him, below. Bonnie Kristian