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Kellyanne Conway insists evidence of Russia influencing the election is simply 'not there'

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday on Fox & Friends that FBI Director James Comey's testimony at Monday's House Intelligence Committee hearing on Russia's election interference "left open a lot more questions than it answered." While Comey addressed a wide range of topics — most notably confirming an ongoing FBI investigation into connections between Trump's campaign and Russia, while also dismissing President Trump's wiretapping claims — Conway said what stuck out to her was how problematic leaks are, and the fact that there's no evidence to indicate Russia changed vote totals in the swing states Trump won.

"That's important because if you listen to the Democrats and many of their friends, they insist that this collusion and this effect on the election — it simply was not there," Conway said, noting both Comey and NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers testified they did not have evidence to suggest Russian interference on a state vote level. However, Comey did explicitly reject an official White House tweet's claim that he'd suggested "Russia did not influence the electoral process."

Conway said that while this investigation into Russia's election meddling has been going on for eight months, not much seems to have been uncovered. "No connections, no fruits," Conway said. "Donald Trump has been president for two months and he has a lot more to show for it."

Catch Conway's assessment of Comey's testimony below. Becca Stanek