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In Fox News poll, only 36 percent of voters would re-elect President Trump

Fox News released a new poll on President Trump on Wednesday, as the president approaches 100 days in office. It's a mixed bag. Trump's overall approval rating is 45 percent, with 48 percent disapproving — a slight uptick from March, but still the lowest for any president this early on — and only 43 percent say he's bringing real change to Washington, versus 50 percent who say he's failing to do so. A 52 percent majority says America is less respected in the world under Trump, while 29 percent say it is more respected, and 51 percent are discouraged about the next four years, versus 45 percent who are encouraged.

There's some good news for Trump, too: Majorities of voters approve of his missile strike on Syria's government airfield, see the job situation improving, want him to succeed, and approve of his handing of the Islamic State and terrorism in general. But in general, only 36 percent of voters say they would vote to re-elect Trump, versus 55 percent who say they wouldn't, including 47 percent who say that "definitely." Only 49 percent of Trump voters said the would definitely vote for him again, versus 32 percent who say they probably would and 7 percent who would go with someone else. Eight years ago, 52 percent of voters and 64 percent of Obama voters said they would re-elect Obama.

In other results, Vice President Mike Pence's approval rating is at 50 percent. If the 2018 midterm elections were held today, 47 percent of voters say they would pick the Democratic candidate versus 42 percent who would pick the Republican, and 5 percent of Trump voters say they would switch to the Democratic Party in the midterms, versus 87 percent who would stick with the GOP. The poll was conducted April 23-25 among 1,009 registered voters nationwide, and has a sampling error of ±3 percentage points.