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Grandmother with terminal cancer jailed for prescribed medical marijuana

Angela Kastner is a grandmother from Wichita, Kansas, who was sentenced to 48 hours in county jail this week for driving under the influence. She wasn't caught with alcohol in her system, but rather traces of THC, the primary active ingredient of marijuana.

There's just one important detail, though: The THC came from Marinol, a synthetic medical marijuana product approved by the FDA and prescribed to Kastner by her doctor to suppress nausea from chemotherapy, which she is undergoing for what is likely terminal colorectal cancer. Kansas is one of only three states where medical marijuana remains completely illegal, but Marinol has been legal nationwide since 1985.

Kastner was jailed anyway. "I miss my chemo tomorrow and I miss my doctors appointment tomorrow," she said. "I feel sorry for the next cancer patient who has to go through anything I have had to go through. They shouldn't have to do this at the end of their life."